Ship supply

Our fast services, availability in read stocks, at every port, ensures – fast, reliable and dependable supply at any time. We can extend its services to any port in Viet Nam.

+ Supply of all kind of provision, bonded, deck & engine, cabin, electrical, medicines stores, etc.

+ Supplier of all kind of spare parts for main engine, Auxiliary Engine, Turbo charger, Motors, Hydraulic items, Gyro compass, Radar, etc.

+ Supplier of Fresh water Trough our barges.

+ Refilling of Ships Bottles Oxygen, Acetylene, Freon R (22-12), Co2, Fire Extinguishers, Breathing Apparatus, etc.

+ Annual Servicing of Life Rafts, EEBD, Co2, Fire extinguishers, Breathing apparatus, etc

+ Supplier of all kind of Packing Materials like Dunnage wood, Craft papers, Plastic Sheet, Tarpaulin, Hatch Cover  Tape, Brown tape, etc.

+ Tug and Barge supplier for inner anchorage of outer anchorage for boarding or Customs Formalities, Supply of ship stores, Fresh water, Bunker.